Saving the oil industry in the face of sanctions with an Iranian catalyst

The secretary of the Iranian Catalyst Manufacturers Association said: “Today we have reached a point where there are 10 catalyst manufacturers in the country with a production capacity of 129,000 tons per year, which is a significant figure.”

Seyed Ali Mir Mohammadi, Secretary of the Iranian Catalyst Producers Association, said in an interview with Jahan-e-Eqtesad: “It can almost be said that the oil, gas, petrochemical, refining and steel industries are currently under the Iranian catalyst cycle, and if this were not important today, oil production , Gas and petrochemicals were facing problems due to the sanctions, and the producers in this way invested everything, capital, nightmares, their apprehensions, and here we came to the conclusion that the catalyst industry has been created in this country.

He added: “Why not involve other industries using this method, because it should be noted that this is an industrial pilot for the country and started from a small size to reach production.”

He added: “We can produce all the goods of the country by relying on three factors such as local technology, technology transfer and reverse engineering, and the experience of a catalyst in this regard is very valuable.”

He said: “Currently, the purchased catalysts must be approved by the association and the Ministry of Industry must write, but, while we are facing foreign sanctions, unfortunately we are also facing domestic sanctions, but some of them are smuggled in and They hit the domestic producer and some of them change the tariffs and finally the dumping of European countries, China and India is followed by it so much that European countries dumped up to one third of the domestic manufacturers and we are following this issue. To get out of this dumping.

“By doing this, they are trying to obsolete our manufacturers and raise prices,” he said.

He added: “We have two costs of project goods and current costs of materials.” In this industry, we have written many recipes that lead inward. Fortunately, now that the sanctions have taken place, the Ministry of Industry has stopped buying catalysts or other goods and they will flow abroad as soon as the sanctions are lifted. Now we have to close the way. It is true that there is criticism, but we must prevent this with a structure. The issue should be taken not to go abroad.

He pointed out: “Today, catalyst is vital for the country and a strategic commodity, without which we will face many problems, so our proposal is to create this structure in the oil industry.”

He said: “Currently, the problem is the law on protection of production and engineering of services. In 1975, according to the enactment of this law, there was no look at the goods and the look was at the project engineering. Even five years later, the organization wrote the project engineering method plan, that is, the project contractor should do these things.

“Europe invested in oil countries for many years and gave us its goods by trial and error. Foreign goods were defective and we spent millions of dollars on foreign goods, and empowerment will help us at this stage,” he said. .

He added: “The catalyst that is being made, other units such as gas and petrochemicals, etc., want to test it. Our opinion is that when the catalyst is used, the others should use the same so that the catalyst maker no longer has to pay so much that another unit.” To test. He added: “In the 21st century, the West focused on three commodities, such as electronics, catalysts, and global warming, and we must move toward catalyst manufacturing. We now have catalysts for the oil, gas, and steel industries, and we are moving toward other industries.” .

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